Healing Waters Chiropractic will be closed until further notice.

It will be announced when the office will be open again.

About the Doctor

Photo of Dr. Sara, DC

Dr. Sara is originally from northern Minnesota and earned her doctorate in chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Sara has worked with many age ranges and people from many different walks of life.In Texas she worked with high level gymnasts as well as the elderly and everyone in between. The youngest child she had the privilege of working with was her nephew, at a mere 10 hours old and the oldest she has worked with at this point in time, was 90 years of age. Pregnancy and childhood care is her biggest passion.
     Childhood care is especially important to Dr. Sara due to her own experience. Dr. Sara was diagnosed with severe childhood asthma and was on many medications throughout her formative years. When she was 18 she visited the chiropractor who discovered the changes in her spinal and rib cage alignment were causing decreased ability for her to breathe.“I never would have imagined back then that my life was about to drastically change. After committing to a treatment plan for 3 months, I was off of all my medications and breathing better than before. This experience is what led to the pursuit of becoming a chiropractor.” Dr. Sara’s basis for practice is to help people get out of pain, which is a major part of providing care, but it really is even more about helping others experience their body functioning at its best.

"The big idea is that chiropractic care is not limited to alleviating back pain but is beneficial for one’s overall health and wellness."
-BJ Palmer

Who we Treat

Pregnant woman


A mother's body and spine change every time her baby has a growth spurt. We can help support you through pregnancy.

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“It is better to grow healthy children than it is to fix damaged adults”
 -Frederick Douglass

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family at the beach


It is important for every member of a family to stay healthy. It is our goal to help every member of your ohana achieve their best health.

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construction worker


Whether you work a desk job or in construction, everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. Our office is ready to take care of you!

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