What to Expect

During your first appointment with Dr. Sara the appointment will consist of the following 3 steps:

Step One: Complete History

This is an introductory step that helps Dr. Sara get to know you and what is specifically going on with your body. Symptoms are addressed at this step as symptoms are a signal that something in your body is not functioning at its best.

Step Two: Physical Examination

The exam helps discover where correlations between the history and the physical body are present. The exam will assess the spine through:

Step 3: Diagnosis and Treatment

Steps one and two are vital for Dr. Sara to determine the cause of your symptoms and any underlying issues that may be related to changes of your spinal alignment. Based upon those first two steps Dr. Sara will be able to diagnose the health concerns and issues and thus create a treatment plan that is specific to you and your needs.

Three main types of treatment plans

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Corrective Care:

In the corrective care treatment plan the goal is to relieve pain and restore function. Approximately 60%-70% of the adult population will experience back pain which is the leading cause for missed days of work. When one wants to increase muscle mass, the workout program must match the desired result. In the same way, correcting spinal changes that have become patterns also will take a plan of action that should include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue/muscle work, exercises and perhaps sports taping and even nutrition recommendations. Once the corrective stage of care is completed and results are achieved, maintaining the results is key to prevent future issues.  Dr. Sara will work with you to find the right balance and frequency to match your lifestyle and activity level.

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Prenatal/postnatal care

“Seeing the mother's body and spine change every time her baby has a growth spurt in utero and then helping her body stabilize during and after pregnancy is incredibly rewarding.” Dr. Sara also recommends checking the new baby and mother as soon after birth as the mother is ready to leave the house after birth. “Birth is such an incredibly demanding experience that affects both the mother's body, as well as the baby’s. It is an honor to be able to help them adjust to life after such an event.”

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Childhood care

From infant to toddler.  The first two years of life your child will double in weight, height and cognition.  This is the largest change in the shortest amount of time the human body will ever experience. From birth to learning to walk, it is important to maintain proper alignment during such great developmental milestones. As children grow into their teenage years many more stressors they have never had to adapt to begin to appear. Physical growth spurts, hormonal changes, social changes and the introduction to more physical demanding sports can all play a major part in the structure of the body. It is uncommon for children to complain of pain before puberty, which is why it is important to address it if your child is telling you something is painful on a regular basis. Ie. the child is still complaining of pain after they fell down the stairs several weeks prior. This group of people tend to respond very quickly to chiropractic adjustments.